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Khorisa is an ethnic ingredient used in Assamese cuisine. Essentially, it is grated bamboo shoots in raw, fermented or pickled form.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Til-or Laru (Sesame Balls)

Rongali Bihu is here again! And with it, the longing to have home-prepared til pitha (rice powder roll stuffed with jaggery, sesame seeds, etc), narikolor laru (coconut balls), gur-or logot cheera doi (dry flat rice with curd and a bit of jaggery) til-or laru (sesame seed balls), the list goes on.

Even though juggling a home and the corporate world leaves me with very little time to prepare these delicacies, this time I wanted to dish out home-made delicacies for sure. Preparing them at home has its own charm; perhaps the Bihu spirit becomes even more palpable! And more importantly, Abhijit is so fond of these! 

One of his favorites is Til-or laru (sesame balls).  I got sesame seeds and jaggery from the nearest Easy Day store and got rolling! 
  • Sesame seeds – About 100 gm (or depending on the quantity you’re looking at.)
  • Jaggery – About 50 gm 


Wash the sesame seeds well with water using your hands and sundry them. (Most people skip this step, but it’s important if you want to maintain hygiene). Once clean and dry, roast them in a pan till you hear the popping sound. Be careful not to over roast; doing so might give your larus a burnt taste which may not be to your liking. Once done, keep aside. 

In a pan, heat the jaggery by adding some water. Once it gives out that sticky feel, add the roasted seeds and stir them well for some time.  Take off the fire and start preparing the larus while it’s still hot. 

Tip 1:  If you feel the heat while rolling the laddoos, wet your hands with some water.
Tip 2: While heating the jaggery, ensure it doesn’t become too mushy – maintain the right balance. 

Health quotient: Sesame seeds are rich in minerals like copper and manganese, and are a good source of iron and calcium too.